RT 770 Training system: pneumatics, electro-pneumatics and PLC

Specification comprehensive trainer for demonstration and exercises in pneumatics, electro-pneumatics and PLCs2 perforated metal panels for quick component fixingstandard industrial pneumatic and electro-pneumatic componentsvarious multi-way valves, pressure, shut-off and flow control valveselectric limit switch, various proximity switches, solenoid valves, signal boardPLC with programming softwareintegrated power supply unit to supply the electro-pneumatics and the PLC2x maintenance ….  Read More

IA 120 Principles of industrial sensors

Specification training kit for familiarisation with position and displacement sensorsbase plate with scalesensor supply unit with 4 light-emitting diodessensors mounted on adjustable fixture5 measuring platesall mountings and components housed in aluminium storage case Technical data Measuring plates, LxW: 145x70mm aluminium sheet: d=2mm, smooth, blacksteel sheet: d=2mm, textured, matt blacksteel sheet: d=2mm, smooth, silverplexiglas plate: d=5mm, ….  Read More

ET 400 Refrigeration circuit with variable load

ET 400 examines a refrigeration circuit under an adjustable load. The refrigeration circuit consists of a compressor, a condenser with fan, a thermostatic expansion valve and a coaxial coil heat exchanger as evaporator. A water circuit serves as load, consisting of a tank with a heater and a pump. The temperature in the tank is adjusted ….  Read More

Nvis 3020 Pneumatic Training Platform

Function and identification of Pneumatic components and their symbolsPractice troubleshooting skillsCompact tabletop ergonomic designReady experimental detailsRobust construction3/2 Solenoid Valve, 3/2 Push button (Palm Actuator), 5/2 Hand lever Valve, Flow Control Valve, Pressure Gauge , Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL), Manifold, Double Acting Cylinder (DAC), Single Acting Cylinder (SAC)Mounting panel for Pneumatic ComponentsSequential & Linear Pneumatic ControlUnderstanding ….  Read More

Sorting Unit – fully assembled

The sorting unit examines and sorts cube halves. It consists of a testing station and a sorting track with three pneumatic cylinders and three chutes. The sorting unit can be attached to the conveyor belt mMS Functional Unit. On the conveyor belt, the workpieces are guided past the sorting unit, where they are tested for ….  Read More

Handling Unit – fully assembled

The handling unit implements what are called pick-and-place applications, in which workpieces are picked up from one location and placed at another one. The three-axis Handling Unit covers a work area of 270°. In this work area, any position can be approached. The drive uses a DC motor with integrated rotary encoder. Both the vertical ….  Read More

Cairan Disinfektan

Daily Disinfektan mengandung komposisi Benzalkorium Klorida yang merupakan zat amonium yang umumnya terkandung dalam produk antiseptik. Zat ini bekerja dengan menghentikan pertumbuhan beberapa jenis bakteri, virus, atau jamur yang dapat membahayakan tubuh dan menggunakan campuran AIR RIVER OSMOSIS yang anti Bakteri sehingga aman digunakan kapan saja. Komposisi: – Air RO – Benzalkorium Klorida – Aloevera  ….  Read More

Digital Electronic Trainer

• Breadboards : Unique solder – less large size, spring loaded breadboard consisting of one Terminal Strips with 640 tie points each and 2 Distribution Strips with 100 tie points each, totaling to 840 tie points. (size:55mm X 170mm approx ) • DC Power Supply : 5 V ± 0.25V / 500 mA ( IC ….  Read More

Electricity Lab

Meters : 5 Nos. •  AC Voltmeter : 15V •  DC Voltmeter : 15V • Galvanometer : ± 250uA • DC Ampere Meter : 0.6Amp • DC Ampere Meter : 5A Power Supply : • Power Supplies : 3, 6, 12Vat 3.5A • Power SupplyAC : 30Vat1A • Power SupplyDC : 5Vat100mA • Switch SPDT ….  Read More

New ClassMate Robotic Trainer

The ClassMate robotic cell features a compact robotic arm from FANUC® Robotics, the most popular robot manufacturer in the United States. The classroom-ready system comes with everything needed to get started including instructor training, curriculum, a fully functional welding power source, integrated fume control and safety equipment, and a large expandable surface that easily sets ….  Read More