RT 770 Training system: pneumatics, electro-pneumatics and PLC

  1. comprehensive trainer for demonstration and exercises in pneumatics, electro-pneumatics and PLCs
  2. 2 perforated metal panels for quick component fixing
  3. standard industrial pneumatic and electro-pneumatic components
  4. various multi-way valves, pressure, shut-off and flow control valves
  5. electric limit switch, various proximity switches, solenoid valves, signal board
  6. PLC with programming software
  7. integrated power supply unit to supply the electro-pneumatics and the PLC
  8. 2x maintenance units + distributor block for simultaneous use of both panels
  9. hoses, cables and tools to construct the experiments
  10. miniature compressor for compressed air supply
Technical data

2 assembly panels, LxH: 1100x700mm each

  • tank: 24L
  • intake capacity: 50L/min
  • power output: 32L/min at 8bar
  • max. pressure: 8bar
  • motor: 0,34kW

PLC with display

  • inputs: 8
  • outputs: 4
  • programming software

Size of components: nominal width 3
Pneumatic hose: 4/2mm
Power supply unit: 24VDC, 4A

230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
230V, 60Hz, 1 phase
120V, 60Hz, 1 phase

Dimensions and weight

LxWxH: 1530x750x1540mm
Weight: approx. 160kg

Rp. 241.000.000

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