Training Board System Basics of Electrical Engineering/Electronics - DC, AC and three-phase technology - Characteristics of diodes and transistors - Characteristics of thyristors and triacs - Amplifier circuits - Oscillator circuits - Modulators and demodulators - Trigger circuits - Power supply circuits- Switching voltage regulators and DC converters - Circuits for power electronics   - Harga : Rp. 400.000.000
Digital Logic Lab Trainer Adjustable DC Power SupplyVoltage Range : +3V ~ +15V / -3V ~ -15VMaximum Current output : 0.5AOutput overload protectionPulse generator :- NAND & NOR GatesLED SequencerExclusive OR and Exclusive NOR Gates- AND-OR-Inverter (A-O-I) GateVoltage Controlled Oscillator4-bit Binary Up/Down Counter- Clocked R-S Flip-FlopParity Error Checking System Harga : Rp. 365.000.000
Process Control and Instrumentation Key Feature
  • Meeting the demands for Cyber Physical Systems, IoT and Industry 4.0
  • Complete self-contained floor standing unit fitted with wheels for mobility
  • Complete with PLC and SCADA software easily connected to the PC using an Ethernet connection
  • Siemens and Allen Bradley PLCs are available, and others can be supplied on request
  • Clear Tanks and Pipes permit the process in the system to be clearly observed
  • Industrial Instruments, Actuators and Sensors
  • Calibration and Monitoring of Transmitters and Control Valve
      Harga : Rp.
Training Board System Electrical Machines - Section: Hardwired Control (Hardwired Control Units) - Contactor jog mode and self-locking function - Safety equipment in the main and control circuits - Time functions - Safety of control units - Sequential circuits - Reversing function - Star-delta starting circuit - Dahlander circuit - Capacitor motor - Project exercises such as door drive Harga : Rp. 1.300.000.000

Portable Training for Mechanical Drives

Covers the fundamentals of mechanical transmission systems and applications, such as how to: operate, install, analyze performance, and design basic mechanical transmission systems using chains, vbelts, spur gears, bearings, and couplings Perfect training for a variety of applications within the automotive, agricultural, and power industries Uses industrial quality components to help assure that learners are better prepared for what they will encounter on the job and to withstand frequent use.

Harga : Rp. 350.000.000


Mechanical Drives 1 Learning System

teaches the fundamentals of mechanical transmission systems and allows for the practice of industry-relevant skills including how to operate, install, maintain, troubleshoot, and design basic mechanical transmission systems using chains, v-belts, spur gears, bearings, and couplings. This mechanical drives system features the unique ability to measure the performance of each mechanical transmission setup, showing learners the effects of proper alignment and how to obtain best efficiency.

Harga : Rp.

Satellite Communication Uplink Transmitter, Downlink Receiver and Transponder

Simultaneous communication of three different signals. Communicate Audio, Video, Digital data, PC data, Tone, Voice, function generator waveforms etc. 2.4GHz Band PLL microwave operation. Communication of external broad band digital signal. Choice of different transmitting and receiving frequencies. Built-in Speaker and Microphone for Voice and Audio link. Remote detection of Light intensity and environment temperature. Detachable Dish Antenna at each station.

Harga : Rp.
Microwave antena Training System Mat10 Feature :

Microwave Trainer with 21 antena 

DRO stabilized antenatransmiter and receiver

In built microwave power meter  receiver with 0.1 dB resolution

70dB dynamic range 

Directional coupler for VCWR / Return loss

Stepper motor antena rotator

1 degree esolution stepper motor

RS232 interface with pola cartesian ploting software

Microstrip antenas

All antena gain return loss and patern plot provided

1000 location frequency and level storage in receiver

Ability to transfer Digital signal over microwave

Harga : Rp. 1.905.000.000
Telephony Training System 58-001


- Uses Discovery Software

- Uses commercial telephony


- Automatic practical configuration

Harga : Rp. 1.475.000.000

Digital Communication Lab ASKFSKPSK Modulation And  Demodulation Kit Data Format Reformat Conditioning KitError Detection And Correction KitQAM Modulation And Demodulation KitCDMA Trainer KitMSK Trainer Kit Harga : Rp. 3.115.500.000               
VMC PLC, HMI and SCADA  Wide range of programmable relays, PLCs and HMI touch panel and SCADA software to meet any need for industrial automation applications, from simple control to large production plants Harga : Rp. 665.200.000
EIB/KNX Basic System Starter Net EIB/KNX voltage supply to supply the bus. EIB/KNX RJ45 LAN interface for programming the components. EIB/KNX switch actuator, 4-fold with display of the switch status EIB/KNX dimm actuator, 2-fold with light scene memory.                   EIB/KNX bus coupler.  EIB/KNX button, 4-fold.                       Room illumination with 6 lamps and masks for various room situations Programmable via LAN with ETS5  Professional software Harga : Rp. 315.000.000     
Air Conditioner Training System Characteristic of window type air conditioner 2. Measuring and collecting experimental data 3. Drawing Mollier Chart 4. Application of Psychrometric Chart 5. Calculating system performance- The operation of the system is based on a real window-type air conditioner behind the front panel. - The metal case of the air conditioner is replaced by plastic acrylic so that students can observe its internal structure even when it is operating. - Major components including condenser, evaporator and capillary tube of the air conditioner are extended to the front panel and covered by plastic acrylic to fit experimental needs. Harga : Rp. 475.000.000
Dual-Application Commercial Refrigeration  Trainer can show the operation of multi-evaporator systems, dual temperature applications (low and medium) and an electric resistant heat defrost cycle, Customizable isolated access ports for alternate metering devices, Defrost Timer, Electrical Fault Package, 2 Refrigerant Flow Meters, Evaporator Pressure Regulator (EPR), Cut-out and by-pass valves, Hand valves allow malfunctions to be simulated Harga : Rp. 505.000.000       

Integration of Automated Guided Vehicles. AGV – AIV – LGV

Intelligent autonomous vehicles. AIV or Mobile Robot. The main difference compared to the other systems explained is their ability to alter their pre-programmed path to avoid obstacles. They do not follow buried wires, nor magnets, nor do they reflect the light of a laser against a reflector. They use scanners and artificial vision to create a map of their workplace and generate the most efficient paths. They are usually smaller than other AGVs and share space with people thanks to the sophisticated security features that they include.Whatever the type of mechanics or guidance system, our integration services include the connection to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or to your warehouse management system (WMS) and a friendly interface with multidevice access based on our own IoT platform. Harga : Rp. 1.570.000.000            
Advanced Hydraulic Training Equipment engineering training equipment lab Educational Training Equipment  The training platform, adopt standard industrial hydraulic components and unique modular design, directly constitute a hydraulic system which is connected conveniently. Through select experiment by the students themselves, can carry out training of typical control circuit, self-locking circuit and relief circuit, understanding the hydraulic system constitution and hydraulic system working principle, thus to improve the students operational ability to hydraulic system, design level and integrated using ability and creation ability.  Harga : Rp. 1.500.000.000
PLC Controlled Advanced Electro Pneumatic Trainer,PLC Pneumatic Teaching Equipment The PLC controlled pneumatic training platform is made up of experimental table, frame, pneumatic components, electrical control modules, programmable logical controller module, sensors and so on. It adopts 'two-in-one' designed structure with two training kits on different sides, which is convenient for two groups of students to process experiment at the same time. The air compressor adopts air oil-less type compressor, which has the advantage of light weight, low power consumption and low noise. Safety protections: grounded, lead protection, safety in accordance with related GB standards. Insulated safety sockets, sheathed cables and wires. > EXPERIMENTS - Single Acting Cylinder Reversing Loop - Double Acting Cylinder Reversing Loop - Single Acting Cylinder Speed Control Loop - Double Acting Cylinder One-way Speed Regulation Loop - Double Acting Cylinder Both-way Speed Regulation Loop - Speed Changing-over Loop - Buffering Loop - Twice Pressure Control Loop - High/Low Pressure Converting Loop - Counting Loop - Delay Loop - Overload Protection Loop - Interlocking Loop - Single Cylinder Single Reciprocating Control Loop - Single Cylinder Continuous Reciprocating Control Loop - Straight Line Cylinder, Double Acting Cylinder Sequential Action Loop - Multi-cylinder Sequential Action Loop - Two-cylinder Synchronous Action Loop Harga : Rp. 600.000.000
PLC controlled Advanced Electro Pneumatic Trainer portable pneumatic plc trainer  • The pneumatic training equipment (single side) controlled by PLC adopts an open structure. A variety of  real     pneumatic components can be flexibly mounted on the operator panel.   • The complete system contains programmable logic controller module, button module, relay module,  power supply module, as well as pneumatic control components and actuator components.   • The tubing uses a connecting tube with a quick connector to quickly complete the connection between    the pneumatic components, which is convenient and simple.   • The surface of the training board is made of slotted aluminum alloy, which can be placed with all pneumatic components with quick mounting elastic pins for easy arrangement     components, with quick mounting elastic pins for easy arrangement. Harga : Rp. 365.000.000
Pneumatics Training Set, Advance Level (FP-102) Training Contents                                                                                                                                                                                  - Physical principles of pneumatic control system - Production and distribution of compressed air - Structure and characteristics of pneumatic cylinders - Calculation of basic and advanced parameters - Function and use of pneumatic control valves - Recognizing and drawing of pneumatic symbols - Drawing of pneumatic circuit diagrams according to standard - Regulation and measurement of pressure - Direct and indirect actuation - Speed control circuits : Meter-in, Meter-out - Use of quick exhaust valves- Pneumatic logic controls - Representation of motion sequences and operating status - Pneumatic sequence controls- Pressure -dependent controls with pressure sequence  valves - Position-dependent controls with limit switch valves - Time-dependent controls with time delay valves - Trouble-shooting in pneumatic control system - Safety regulations of the pneumatic system - Use of pilot operated check valves to stop pneumatic drives   in any position - Displacement-step diagrams- Design circuit by cascade control circuit - Basic stepper control circuit- Self-latching circuits - Controls with peripheral conditions : single   cycle/continuous cycle - Controls with safety conditions : Emergency Stop - Trouble-shooting in extensive pneumatic controls - End positions without limit switch valves- Back pressure signal generator Harga : Rp. 600.000.000

Belt Drive Control Trainer PLC Belt Conveyor Educational Training Equipment

1. Product Description (1). Standardized modular design, the main training bench is made of aluminum alloy, with light weight, small in size, easy to use. (2). All power line of components and signal lines are based on safety sockets on board with insulating sheath. (3). Technology coverage: Programmable Logic Controller, sensor, pneumatic components, flat belt, motor, etc. 2. Experiments (1). Pneumatic technology application in production line (2). Sensor technology application (3). Belt conveyor mechanism installation and debugging (4). DC motor training (5). Complete trainer installation and Debugging  Harga : Rp. 790.000.000      
New ClassMate Robotic Trainer from Lincoln Electric Provides Complete Robotic Training Solution The ClassMate robotic cell features a compact robotic arm from FANUC® Robotics, the most popular robot manufacturer in the United States. The classroom-ready system comes with everything needed to get started including instructor training, curriculum, a fully functional welding power source, integrated fume control and safety equipment, and a large expandable surface that easily sets up in seconds.The cell comes with more than a dozen complete project curricula designed to encourage active inquiry, higher-level thinking and easy integration into advanced manufacturing education programs. Each lesson provides learning activities, step-by-step instructions and discussion questions. Purchasers also enjoy access to Lincoln Electric’s Train-the-Trainer Program, including curriculum and safety materials, as well as a basic robotic training course for up to three instructors.  Harga : Rp. 550.000.000   
Building automation system trainer (FVLC-BAS-TK) Features                                                                                                                                                                          ● Fire and Gas alarm ● Security alarm ● Temperature and humidity ● Room light and boiler control ● Gate control and door camera ● Light and curtain control ● Miniature house ● DC power supply ● External I/O block Training Content                                                                                                                                                                                   ● Usage and principle various sensor ● Usage and principle of proximity sensor ● PLC program ● HMI ● Operation and program of system Harga : Rp. 720.000.000

Hydrostatics Trainer

Hydrostatics is the study of fluids at rest. Phenomena occurring as a result of hydrostatic pressure are analysed and the force effect determined. Hydrostatic aspects play a crucial role in various areas of engineering, such as in plumbing and domestic engineering, in pump manufacturing, in aerospace and in shipping (buoyancy, load on the sides of a ship).The trainer can be used to conduct experiments in the field of hydrostatics, such as ground pressure measurement or demonstrating Boyle’s law. Determining the centre of pressure completes the range of experiments. Furthermore, experimental units for studying capillarity and buoyancy are included. The hydrostatic pressure and surface tension are measured. Additionally, one experiment uses a Pitot tube and a tube for static pressure to study the pressure components in a flowing fluid.To make the functions and processes visible, the tanks and the experimental units use a transparent design. Tanks and pipes are made entirely of plastic.Various pressure gauges are available for measuring pressure and differential pressure of the liquid fluid, such as a Pitot tube, tube for static pressure a pressure sensor with digital display, twin tube manometers or a differential pressure manometer. A diaphragm manometer and a Bourdon tube manometer indicate the pressure of the gaseous fluid.The trainer has its own air and water supply. The closed water circuit includes a supply tank with submersible pump. A compressor is included to generate positive and negative pressures for the experiments with air.The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.Learning Objectives / ExperimentsStudy of buoyancy on a variety of bodiesStudy of the density of liquidsHydrostatic pressure, Pascal's lawCommunicating vesselsDetermination of the centre of pressureStudy of surface tensionsDemonstration of capillarity Boyle's law Study of static and dynamic pressure component in flowing fluidFamiliarisation with various methods of pressure measurement    Harga : Rp. 1.700.000.000   

Mobile Training Unit - Hydraulic Trainer

A quantum leap in practice-oriented hydraulic system training is provided by the mobile training unit. The Hydraulic Trainer impresses with its state-of-the-art technical equipment and enables a new form of clear and comfortable training. The spectrum ranges from basic lesson to expert training, such as the theory of closed-loop control or the frequency-controlled drive.Most modern technologyIntegrated energy-efficient and quiet servo pump drive with servo inverter and servo motor for the operating modes for constant delivery rate and pressure regulation or for cylinder positioning in closed-loop controlPerfect designIn the transparent, illuminated tank, an impressive presentation of the pump cavitation in the event of error is possibleControl cabinet is perfectly integrated in the tank designIndirect underbody lighting                                                                                                        Unlimited mobilityIndividual exercises are configured by ball valves - the absolutely leakage-oil-free design allows use in seminar rooms with carpeted floorsTransport rollersAll-round edge protection prevents damage to the unit and interior     Options / configuration / brandingStroke measuring system and proportional valve for training with advanced control technologyFlow sensor and electronic load pressure measurement with digital displayVisualisation of all measured and target values on tablet, smartphone and PCIndividual branding by affixing your logo on and in the illuminated tankTraining documents / exercise examples for basic teaching up to expert training Harga : Rp. 1.650.000.000
Basic Electricity Trainer Key Features Stand Alone Operation Includes all the Basic Electrical fundamentals Solderless connections Complete set of coils and cores to understand the Basics of Electro magnetic induction and Transformer Harga : Rp. 240.000.000

Electricity Lab

• 01. Meters: 5 Nos.

• 1.1. AC Voltmeter : 15V

• 1.2. DC Voltmeter : 15V

• 1.3. Galvanometer : ± 250uA

• 1.4. DC Ampere Meter : 0.6Amp

• 1.5. DC Ampere Meter : 5A

• 02. Power Supply:

• 2.1. Power Supplies : 3, 6, 12Vat 3.5A

• 2.2. Power SupplyAC : 30Vat1A

• 2.3. Power SupplyDC : 5Vat100mA

• 03. Switch SPDT

• 04. Switch DPDT

• 05. Push switch

• 06. Logic Switches Two No. Push type

• 07. Relay 12VDCOne change over

• 08. Buzzer/Electric Bell

• 09. Transformer Input 6-0-6V and Output 6-0-6V

• 10. Bulb6VThree Nos.

• 11. Resistance 1E2/1W, 5E/5W, 50E/5W,100E/5W, 220E/2W, 470E/2W, 1K/1W, 100K/1W

• 12. Capacitance 1000MFD/25VTwo Nos.

• 13. Diode IN4007Two Nos.

• 14. LED5mm

• 15. Thermocouple

• 16. Potentiometer 10K

 17. Breadboard 840Tie Points

• 18. Fuse Holder open type

• 19. Electromagnetic Induction&Transformer

 • 20. Main Supply 230VAC, 50 Hz

Harga : Rp. 339.000.000


Digital Electronic Trainer

• Breadboards : Unique solder - less large size, spring loaded breadboard consisting of one Terminal Strips with 640 tie points each and 2 Distribution Strips with 100 tie points each, totaling to 840 tie points. (size:55mm X 170mm approx ) • DC Power Supply : 5 V ± 0.25V / 500 mA ( IC based regulated output ) • Clock Generators : i. Fixed : a. 0.1Hz b. 1Hz. ( Simultaneous independent outputs ) • ( TTL, 5V ) : ii. Variable : One low frequency variable clock generator • Manual Pulser : One independent bounce less manual pulser ( useful for freezing the action of each stage of the counter after every clock pulse ) • Logic Level Inputs : Eight independent logic level inputs to select High / Low TTL levels, each with a LED to indicate high / low status and termination • Logic Level : Eight independent buffered logic level indicators for High / Low status • Indicators : indication of digital outputs • Seven segment decoder : One BCD to Seven Segment Decoder/ Driver IC with terminations • Continuity Tester : Audio / Visual indication • ZIF socket : IC’s up to 40 pin Universal ZIF• Potentiometer : One Potentiometer ( 100K ) with terminations • Power Requirement : 230V + 10% single phase AC • Instruction manual : One detailed instruction manual with well thought out experiments covering the above topics • Weight : 5 Kg. (Approx.) • Dimension : W 412 x H 150 x D 3 Harga : Rp. 220.000.000
PIC Training Board Key Features Microchip PIC24FJ256GB110 Two RS232 ports CANBUS port DC motor with fan Heater with temperature sensor LCD display 2 or 4 lines, 16 charactersKeypad USB device to connect to a PC hostUSB host, for USB flash drive RTC with EEPROM Analogue potentiometer QEI encoder Four switch inputs Eight LED outputs Optional Zigbee communications Harga : Rp. 130.000.000
Process Control Trainer PCT-100 Controller PCT-100 PID Control Software Key Features Control and measurement of Temperature, Level, Pressure and FlowPID control PC SCADA type software with Control and Data AcquisitionLCD meters and LEDs provides instant informationMimic of the rig on the control consoleTest and measurement points for the transducers and fault insertion switchesConnection to PC through a USBControl console can be connected to either PC or a PLCClear process tank and pipes Harga : Rp. 480.000.000
Motor Control InternationalMCI 2007 3 Phase Motor Control Trainer The M.C.I. 3 Phase Motor Control Trainer uses “Real World” components to teach motor control. The components are industry standard components. The curriculum guides the student through basic start-stop functions through reversing, jogging, Hand/Off/Auto and timer functions, as well as audible alarms and signal lights, always stressing safety. Harga : Rp. 490.000.000
DAC Worldwide’s AC Variable Frequency Drive Training System Plus DAC Worldwide’s AC Variable Frequency Drive Training System Plus (429E) examines AC variable speed drive principles. Learners will explore variable frequency AC solid-state control of 3-phase electric motors in various automation applications. The trainer also covers industry-relevant skills, such as AC drive programming, drive system troubleshooting, and control wiring in a variety of applications. This AC Variable Frequency Drive Training System includes an industrial 3-phase motor, a three-pole circuit breaker with lock out/tag out, twenty-nine (29) banana jacks, and much more. Learners will use these components to study topics such as minimum and maximum frequencies, plotting the ramping characteristics, programming AC Drive outputs, and troubleshooting. Harga : Rp. 530.000.000
Traffic lights simulator Key Features Self-contained easy to setup Control from PLC or PC Connect to PLC through 24v dc ‘D’ type connectors and 4mm coloured sockets PC connection through USB Acrylic front with clear visual mimic of a crossroad junction, reversed printed to protect from damage Familiar environment for easy understanding of programming requirement Electronics and LEDs are secured within the enclosure preventing damage Harga : Rp. 280.000.000
Wind Power Generator The wind turbine generators use of natural wind as power, wind vane absorbing the wind energy. The wind turbine generator enable conversion natural wind into power; wind vane absorbing the wind energy to making the wind generator rotate, and then covert the wind power into electric energy, AC being coverted into DC through rectification and manostate of the controller, the accumulator-batteries being charged and the electricity being stored. In this way DC load can be directly used or converted by external inverter into sinusoidal AC voltage of 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz for use in house-hold or industrial or remote power drop booster use. Harga : Rp. 370.000.000
Program logic controller with motor driver The cube is made of: • 1 HMI side, KTP 700, 7’’graphic terminal, with WEB Server function for the connection of several computers, simulateously • 1 PLC side SIMATIC S7 1200 • 1 white side (free to be able to add a new module (a drive for the control of motor for example (cf Cube-Elec 300 in our Power electronics chapter)). Topics: • Profinet connecting • WinCC programming • Web Server management • TIA Portal program • PLC programming • Setting Harga : Rp. 420.000.000
Electric Installation Safety Measurement Trainer The ideal tool for engineering, training and the simulation of measurement on electrical installations Fault simulation of electric installations and demonstration of actual measurements Education of electrical installations and education of measuring instrument usage Electrical installation system training / 1-Phase, 3-phase, 3-phase 4 wire (R/S/T/N) Measurement training: AC voltage, earth resistance, earth voltage, phase insulation resistance, phase test, live line test, resistance by leakage current, capacitance by leakage current, and DC voltage Fault simulation: ELB training, circuit-breaker training, leakage current variable testing, earth resistance variable testing, loop testing, RCD protection switch tests, and battery voltage tests Harga : Rp. 672.000.000
RFID Lab Kit includes: Zebra FX7500 Reader, Zebra RFD8500 Reader, Zebra AN480 Antenna, Zebra AN720 Antenna, Software, 20 RFID Labels, 10 RFID Tags, Reader Power Supply, Training and Setup Harga : Rp. 250.000.000
Electrical Power System Trainer: Transmission Line Simulator 

Part of the Modular Power Systems range, the Transmission Line Simulator investigates single-phase and three-phase transmission lines.

• Self-contained teaching module, ideal for class and project work

• Part of Sci-tech Modular Power System – can connect to other parts of the system for even more experiments

• Allows realistic studies of short, medium and long-distance transmission lines under variable load and power factor conditions, as well as with inserted faults

• Fault application switch and earth fault resistors allow studies of earth fault currents and the operation of relays of varying sensitivity

Harga : Rp. 580.000.000

Hydraulic - Pneumatic Design and Circuit Simulation Software Circuits can be simulated in the software Hydraulic – Pneumatic Circuits can be designed / constructed in Automgen software The same circuits can be performed on Hytech – Hydraulic / Pneumatic training kit directly through software Library of the software contains more than 4000 hydraulic – pneumatic components PLC ladder diagram can be designed and dynamically updated in Siemens / ABB / OMRON PLC Vital parameters such as flow rate / pressure can be tested at various points in the circuit Validity of Automgen software is Perpetual (Valid for lifetime) Harga : Rp. 115.000.000
Electrical Machines Soft Starters Application

The “Electrical Machines Soft Starter trainer”, AEL-EMSS, has been designed by Edibon to instruct the student in managing soft-starters of three-phase electrical machines. This trainer basically consists of three types of optional starters: electronic soft starter (option 1), frequency controller (option 2) and star/delta starter (option 3). The students will learn to configure these type of starters and they will compare the characteristics and functionality observing the induction motor behavior with each starter.

Description of the soft starter types:

Option 1: through the electronic soft starter, the user will learn to configure the most important parameters that allow considerably reduce the induction motor starting/stopping currents. These parameters are, for example, the staring voltage, the acceleration ramp time and the deceleration ramp time.

Option 2: through the advanced frequency controller, the user will learn to configure several parameters to get different induction motor functionalities. Thus different parameters can be set such as torque limiter, frequency limiter, acceleration and deceleration ramps, starting voltage and much more parameters explained in the user´s manual. It is very important to understand how a motor works with a frequency controller because it is the most important method used in the industry for induction motor control to get a maximum control and performance. Besides, the user can visualize, program the alarms and associate them to relays in order to get a complex control circuit. The frequency controller module has some digital signals which can be programed to get more than 100 different functions.

Option 3: through the manual star/delta starter, the user will take experience on this type of maneuvers and how the response of the induction motor is.

Harga : Rp. 940.000.000

Advanced Communication Trainer (Antenna System) (VPL-VS-AT)

VPL-VS-AT PC Based Manual Antenna Trainer has been designed to provide useful tools for hands on experimentation and teaching of various commonly used antennas in VHF-UHF Microwave band in the laboratory for students of all levels. It can be used in standalone mode as well as be interfaced with a computer via RS-232 interface. In this Receiving antenna is rotated manually from 0 to 360 degrees and accordingly receiving antennas signal strength can be monitored on the Receiver.

Harga : Rp. 2.500.000.000

Basic Electronics Trainer  

Model: EFT – ETX-2 Component and Circuit Based (7 PCB Modules)Labtech’s basic electronics trainer is a modular course covering the fundamentals, concepts, theory and applications of electronics. It is designed as a starter course to provide new students with a good solid grounding in this area, before going on to specialized studies. The basic electronics-training program is ideal for basic and intermediate studies in this field. Please note that for additional fundamental topics, including electrical applications, the student may desire to take the basic electrical trainer course prior to the electronics trainer. 

Harga : Rp. 421.000.000  
OP AMP Trainer Wide gamut of training kits provided by us also comprise of OP AMP Trainer, which is used for performing following test and operations:  Op-amp as comparator Op-amp as schmitt trigger Measurement of cmrr using differential amplifier Op-amp as integrator & differentiator Op-amp as inverting & non inverting amplifier Op-amp as summer /subtractor Op-amp parameter characteristics trainer Op-amp application trainer Op-amp as voltage follower Op-amp as v/i and i/v convertor Op-amp as v/f and f/v convertor Op-amp as precision rectifier Op-amp differential amplifier Op-amp as ic voltage regulator Harga : Rp. 220.000.000

Dual-Application Commercial Refrigeration Trainer

Compressor: Single phase, 1/2 HP semi-hermetic (bolted reciprocating-type) 120VAC, 60 Hz, 15 Amp Condenser and Low and Medium Temperature Evaporators: Copper tube coils with aluminum fins and adjustable speed fans mounted on back of panel

Uses HFC 134a refrigerant

Mounting stand: 72″ L x 20.75″ W x 72″ H

Panels: 1⁄4″ thick HDPE with steel reinforced component shelf

Electrical requirements: 120VAC, 60 Hz

Harga : Rp. 1.450.000.000
VULCAN ADSL Network Simulator


ADSL Internet simulation for evaluation, development,

testing, and demonstration of CPE equipment. 

– Supports ftp, ping, http

– Connects to virtual Internet with user-supplied CO PC 

Powerful GUI provides extensive access and control of

the ADSL CO chipset that allows users to:

– Analyze line performance reported by the chipset.

– Monitor/set key parameters such as down/upstream

bits rates, carrier mask, noise, power, HEC errors

ADSL Encapsulation Protocol Support

– RFC 1483/2684 LLC/SNAP

– RFC 2364 PPPoA VC MUX/


ADSL Interfaces (8) – ATU-C Compliance

– ITU-T G.992.1 (G.DMT) Annex A

– ITU-T G.992.2 (G.Lite)

– ANSI T1.413 Issue 2 

POTS Interfaces (8)

– Provide analog voice to PBX or PSTN switch

Ethernet Port (1)

– 10/100 Base T port for connection to CO PC

Serial RS 232 Console Port (1)

– Local configuration

Utility Software

y ATM VPC/VCI settings

y ADSL encapsulation protocol

y IP addresses

y PPP parameters 

Harga : Rp. 280.000.000
Electrical CAD / SchemELECT Generalities The SchemELECT software allows the complete creation of electrical projects and drawings: electrical drawing for power supply electrical drawing for power circuit electrical drawing for control PLC drawing with IO definition Automatic management of crossed references Automatic numbering of wires, terminals and cables Terminal blocks, connectors and cable drawings Cabinet layout Lists of cables, wires Harga : Rp. 27.000.000  
AV-FSM04 Splicing Machine Applicable Fibers : SM, MM, NZ-DS, EDF ,Pigtail, FTTH drop cable Average Splice Loss : 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(NZDS), 0.04dB(EDF) Return Loss :≥60dB Tension Test :2.0N(200gf)(Standard) Splicing Program :50 groups Heat-shrinkable T bush :20mm, 40mm, 60mm Language : Chinese, English Environmental Conditions : -10~+50℃(operation temperature),0~95% RH Harga : Rp. 75.200.000
OPM-50 Intelligent Optical Power Meter  Calibrated Wavelength: 850,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625nm Power Range (dBm) :-70 ~ +10 Fiber Type :Singlemode/Multimode fibers Detector Type :InGaAs Accuracy :±5% ±0.01nW (±0.5dB@850nm) Resolution (dB) :0.01 MOD Identification :270, 1K, 2K Hz Auto Wavelength Identification :Yes (With SLS-50) Display Unit :W/mW/?W/nW/pW/dBm/dB(REF) Data Storage :1000 records Connectivity :USB Connector :FC (Interchangeable SC/ST) Power Supply :Lithium Battery/ AC Adapter Battery Life :Continuous operation: 70 hours, Standby: 140 hours Power Saving :Auto-off after 5 minutes idle Operating Temperature :0℃ ~ 50℃  Storage Temperature :-20℃ ~ 70℃ Relative Humidity :0 ~ 95% (Non-condensing) Weight :315g (0.69 lbs) Dimensions (H × W × T) :177×80×44mm (6.97×3.15×1.73 inch) Harga : Rp. 7.499.850
AV-6000 OTDR Screen: 3.5 inch TFT touch screen(320×240) Other Interface USB :USB, type A port,1; USB type B port, 1 Ethernet :10/100M Base-T, RJ45 Other Parameters Storage :128M Size and Weight :80(H)x 135 (W) x 250(D) mm; 1.1kg

Temperature :Operating: -10°C to 50°C; Storage: -40°C to 70°C

Relative Humidity :0% to 95% (non-condensing)

EMC :EN55022/CIPSR22; EN61000-3-2; EN55024

Battery and Power Supply


·     Rechargeable Li-Lon battery;

·     Working time: 8 hours;

·     Charging time: <3 hours (typical: 25°C)

Power Supply: 

·     Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 2A;

·     Output: 15V DC, 2A

Harga : Rp. 76.300.000

Qoltec Fiber optic cleaver Usage : Trimming fiber optic fibers to prepare them for welding. Way of Trimming : Single core of fiber Fiber Diameter : 125 µm Additional Information : - 12-point automatic long-life blade, - Multiple blade skip lock, Package : Polybag Gross Weight : 0,427 kg Harga : Rp. 4.000.000
Precision fiber optical stripper Material Rubber: and carbon steel Usage : Provides unbreakable clamp. Colour : Yellow Additional Information : Mechanism of shoulder return lock. Package : Polybag Gross Weight : 0,132 kg Harga : Rp. 1.500.000